A Guide to the Notorious Jedi Mind Fock Mushrooms

The Jedi Mind Fock mushroom is one of the most interesting Psilocybe cubensis strains in circulation. Unlike other magic mushroom strains, Jedi Mind Fock is relatively new. This strain is famous for its potent effects and intense hallucinations.

The name of this Psilocybe cubensis strain comes from the popular Star Wars movie franchise. This strain got this name for its ability to influence the mind, like the Jedi order in the Star Wars universe.

The Jedi Mind Fock mushroom strain is also known for its fast colonization rate, making it a favorite of cultivators. Jedi Mind Fock is one of those strains not recommended for beginners to consume or grow. Jedi Mind Fock can be grown via spores sold at Jedi Mind Fock.


The Jedi Mind Fock was discovered in the early 2000s in Georgia by a legendary mycologist named Myco Joe. After its discovery, Myco Joe began working on this strain before later sharing it with the mycologist community. Myco Joe isolated the mushroom to get stable spores and displayed resistance to contamination.

There’s also a school, though, pointing to Z-strain as the parent of the Jedi Mind Fock strain. However, more information is needed to prove this Jedi Mind Fock’s origin theory.


The Jedi Mind Fock strain is larger than the average cubensis mushrooms. Jedi Mind Fock has large caps and thick, long stems. This strain also comes with large fruiting bodies. The Jedi Mind Fock strain also has dark bruising, indicating its Psilocybin content.


The Jedi Mind Fock is considered among the most potent cubensis strains around. This strain contains concentrations of Psilocybin and Psilocin. The effects of Jedi Mind Fock are legendary and famous for their intensity.

Jedi Mind Fock offers intense euphoria with auditory and visual hallucinations. The visual hallucinations occur with eyes opened or closed—deep feelings of compassion, introspection, wisdom, patience, and connection with nature.


The Jedi Mind Fock strain is not the most straightforward strain to grow, so it is not recommended for beginners. Jedi Mind Fock can be grown via spores, which, unlike other strains, are prone to contamination. Ensuring everything is sterile when dealing with Jedi Mind Fock is necessary to curb bacteria growth. Regardless of how careful you are, you should expect some contamination, and it’s just how this strain works.

The Jedi Mind Fock mushroom strain also takes longer to fruit compared to other beginner-friendly strains like Golden Teacher.


Jedi Mind Fock spores are widely available for sale at most fungi stores. You can buy the Jedi Mind Fock spore for $17.00 at Magic Spore Labs. These spores are available in 10cc syringes and with a 1.5” 20 gauge sterile needle for dispensing.

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