Vaping Review

Does Nicotine Makes You Tired

Say you have just started using vaping pods, the first thing you worry about is probably whether vaping nicotine can affect your health. The answer is yes. Excessive intake of nicotine can affect your health in a number of ways, with fatigue and low energy level as the least serious symptoms. 

If you intake nicotine excessively, it makes your lung less effective in absorbing oxygen. When you suffer from low oxygen concentration level, you feel tired. Fatigue comes more quickly when your lungs can’t properly inhale and exhale air. You need to check the amount of nicotine you intake, especially if it is your first-time intaking nicotine. More serious symptoms are nausea, dizziness and headache. 


When you increase your body’s nicotine level within a short period, it will lead to nausea. Nicotine interferes with your body’s oxygen level. When the oxygen level is low, you tend to suffer from nausea. Some people end up suffering from severe cases of nausea after using nicotine. There is a need to check on your body’s nicotine level to avoid cases where it can lead to adverse side effects. 

Dizziness & Headache

Excessive intake of nicotine can lead to dizziness. You need to check on the level of nicotine in your body, and you will manage the issue of dizziness. The body requires enough oxygen concentration to function well and not experience dizziness. You can still enjoy nicotine but ensure you go for low-nicotine e-liquids. There are different types of e-liquids available in the market. There is a need to compare them and decide on a suitable e-liquid that will make you enjoy good health in the process. 

Some people suffer from headache after intaking too much nicotine. High level of nicotine can lead to low oxygen levels in the blood and make you suffer from headache. When you cannot enjoy good sleep, there is a high chance you are developing headache. It would help if you regulate your intake of nicotine when you are about to go to bed so that you can enjoy a good sleep. Many people turn to nicotine as a way of relaxing their minds, it can relax your body, but there is a risk of headache.

If you are just getting started in your vaping adventure, you need to start with small amount of nicotine and increase with time. You will avoid most of the side effects if you start small then increase with time. Some e-liquids have low level of nicotine and they are good choice for you. In terms of the pod device,  VINCI POD ROYAL EDITION is equipped with a 0.8Ω and a 1.2Ω coil, suitable both for high and low nicotine e-juice.

If you want to take a high nicotine e-juice, we suggest you to choose coil that has resistance that is bigger than 0.8, this helps you control the amount of nicotine intake, helping you to avoid taking too much nicotine at one time. VOOPOO’s, one of the most popular vape brands in the market, VINCI POD ROYAL Edition 1.2Ω is great for you.