Pod Kit Review

The 5 Pods Most Popular With Global Consumers

Around the world, more people are getting into vaping. Those who try out vaping are looking for brands that uphold build quality and performance. These are units that have the most consistent feel, look, and overall capabilities.

Here are five of the most popular pods among global consumers.

Drag Nano 2

First among the list is the VOOPOO Drag Nano 2. These VOOPOO Pods have a long-lasting battery with an 800 mAh capacity. Its 3-tiered output is made possible by high-quality coil pods. The Drag Mini also contains zinc alloy as part of its build, even with its portability. Vape users worldwide enjoy how the Drag Nano 2 regulates airflow.

The device allows vape users to have a comfortable experience. It even has three-color LED lights to indicate the power level and battery status of the machine. That way, users do not miss out on any important information while vaping. The amount of information they see right away also helps users easily handle the Drag Nano 2.

Thanks to the regulated airflow and smooth performance, the Drag Nano 2 is the most popular pod right now.

Uwell Caliburn

The Uwell Caliburn G2 is another popular pod worldwide. It has replaceable coils, making it loved among vape users. The Caliburn also has vibration and haptic feedback. Its 750 mAh pales compared to the VOOPOO Drag Nano 2, however. The battery life can be a problem for users that want to have a bit more power. After all, some people want to vape for a longer time.

Still, it has fully adjustable airflow, which makes it comfortable to use. The comfort it provides is one of the reasons why people like using Caliburn. Users appreciate how easy it feels on the fingers, in addition to the ease of replacing the coils.

Geekvape Aegis

The Geekvape Aegis received a lot of fanfare when it got released. It is sturdily built composed of shockproof and waterproof material. The aesthetics of the pod also garnered a lot of praise. It has an OLED display to show the temperature and battery level of the machine.

The Aegis is one of the sturdiest pods out there, thanks to the zinc alloy framing. Being one of the strongest machines available on the market, it has become a staple for many vapers. The leather handgrip also makes it comfortable to hold for all vape users. It stands out due to the feel on the fingers, which matters to many users.

The temperature controls function well enough, although it does have a muted performance due to the coil heads.

Smok Nord

The SMOK Nord is fourth on the list, thanks to its 3 mL pods and swappable coil heads. The vaping machine is good enough for different types of vaping, and comes in a wide range of colors. There are even patterned versions, either in a cobra or resin design.

The SMOK Nord, however, has a loose but narrow pathway. The pod also feels a bit tight to use, making it a little hit or miss with the airflow configuration. It also has trouble performing when ceramic coils are used. Mesh coils work like a charm, and this is the reason why the Nord garnered a lot of users worldwide.

It also boasts an impressive performance when using MTL coils.

Vaporesso Gen

The Vaporesso Gen is a dual mod with an Axon chip. It is made to be lightweight and more portable. The build also feels softer to the touch. For this reason, this machine is on the smaller side of things. Despite its size, it does have a lot of things to offer to the average vape user.

The Vaporesso Gen helps heighten the flavors of many vapes. It is also very simple to use, making it popular among users around the world. The Vaporesso Gen can also last 5 hours of continuous use, an ideal amount of time for daily vapers.

It has solid performance, but the screen is quite small compared to other vaping pods. Juice staining is also a problem for some users.

Vape users value the comfort and sustainability they get from the machines they purchase. But most of all, performance matters. The most high-spec vaping pods can be outmatched by a high-performing one. Coupled with customization and sturdiness, then you have yourself a reliable vaping pod.