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TAAT Menthol Review: Do You Enjoy Menthol Cigarettes? You Would Love These Tobacco-Free, Nicotine-Free Alternative

Nothing beats the cool, refreshing taste and smooth throat hit that menthol cigarettes produce. However, knowledge of the harmful effects of cigarette smoking creates an internal conflict that can ruin the smoking experience. As a result, many smokers are unable to enjoy this past-time ritual as they used to. What if I told you that there’s a zero tobacco and zero nicotine menthol cigarette available today. Not just that, this alternative menthol cigarette tastes just like regular menthol cigarettes. 

Yes, TAAT Menthol is just like Newport hemp cigarettes or KOOL cigarettes without the tobacco and nicotine. TAAT is a revolutionary new cigarette brand that is manufacturing alternative hemp-based cigarettes that taste just like the real thing. This may seem highly impossible, but the TAAT team achieved this after months of research and experimentation. They describe their unique hemp-based blend as Beyond Tobacco. 

TAATs do not just taste like tobacco cigarettes, but also look like it too. They come with the same FSC branded paper, filter, and flip-top pack. The team behind TAAT cigarettes studied everything that makes tobacco cigarettes unique and captured it in their product without adding any tobacco or nicotine. This would make it easier than ever for smokers to break their nicotine addiction. 

The TAAT team is not a ragtag group of crazy scientists. The team, which is headed by former Philip Morris executive Setti Coscarella, is composed of a group of professionals with different backgrounds and expertise. The thing that unifies this group is the dedication to creating something extraordinary that smokers all over the world will love and appreciate. 

Apart from TAAT Menthol, this brand also has other flavors namely TAAT Original (bold tobacco flavor) and TAAT Smooth (light tobacco flavor). Each one is unique and equally remarkable. 

TAAT is made from hemp plants grown in the US. Apart from hemp, the only other ingredients in these alternative cigarettes are water and food-grade ingredients. The TAAT team developed a proprietary, patent-pending technique that they use to transform these ingredients into a filler that tastes, smells, and burns exactly like tobacco. 

The only difference between TAAT cigarettes and regular cigarettes is that the former does not get you high. Yes, it is made of hemp, but the manufacturers of this alternative cigarette chose hemp strains that have a very low THC level – less than 0.2%. This is per the 2018 Farm Bill which stipulates that all hemp products must have a THC level of 0.3% or less.

Each stick of TAAT contains 25mg of cannabidiol (CBD), which will make you feel relaxed and keep stress at bay. 

You can learn more about TAAT by heading to https://trytaat.com. A pack of TAAT costs around $6.99. Each pack contains 20 sticks. Currently, TAAT only ships to states in the U.S. where the sale and use of hemp-derived products is legal. The company is still relatively new and is expanding its distribution network to make its products available all over the world. 

If you’re curious about TAAT Menthol and want to try it out, you can get a free pack by heading to the TAAT online store and completing a few steps.