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Savage Tropic Breeze STLTH Pods Review

STLTH pod systems are designed to offer comfort, style, portability, and versatility to vaping enthusiasts. STLTH Pod Systems are ideal for experienced vapers and those just making the switch from smoking to vaping. These devices are designed to be simplistic and measure 18.9mm x 11.1mm x 85.5mm. The device has a nice ergonomic design and fits in the hand nicely. STLTH devices are available in different colors including grey, rose gold, black, and navy.

STLTH vape pods come with a high-quality rechargeable 420mAh battery. This battery can last you a whole day and it takes just 30 minutes to get fully charged. STLTH devices have an energy-efficient design that makes them shut down after 10 sessions of continuous vaping.

STLTH pods come pre-filled with premium-quality vape juice. These tanks contain about 2.0ml of e-liquid and comes with a BOLD nicotine formula. You can choose either 35mg or 50mg of a hybrid nicotine solution. STLTH pod flavors include Honeydew Menthol, Raspberry Soir Apple, Berry Blast, Blue Raspberry, Tobacco Blend, Strawberry, and many others. Savage Tropic Breeze is one of several flavors in the STLTH collection.

Savage Tropic Breeze is a blend of sweet coconut and fresh pineapple flavor along with a touch of icy menthol. These flavors come together harmoniously. You can vape this e-juice all day long without getting tired of it. This e-juice is perfect for the summer season.

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