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Our Top 4 Most Popular E-Juice Flavors

Taste is subjective, but it is safe to say that there is enough variety in the vape juice market to meet the demands of everyone. With that said, if you check out vape shops and the annual award-winning e-juice flavors, it is easy to spot a trend. Some e-juice flavors appear to be more popular than others. This is the basic premise of this post. If you are a professional e-juice maker or a budding mixologist looking for high-quality flavor concentrates, check out the Flavorah online store.

You’re free to disagree with our picks below, but we know that’s highly unlikely.

1. Tobacco: Tobacco is one of the classic flavors in the vaping industry. There have been tobacco flavors since the early days of the vaping industry. Besides, many vapers are ex-smokers. There are so many tobacco flavors on the market. You will find pure tobacco e-liquids as well as tobacco-infused blends. Vanilla and tobacco e-liquids are one of my favorites. You will also find some exotic stuff like Cavendish tobacco, Cuban cigar, American tobacco, caramel tobacco, coffee tobacco, sweet tobacco, absinthe tobacco, and so much more. If you are a tobacco lover, you’ll not run out of options to thrill your taste buds.

2. Fruits: Fruit-flavored e-liquids are quite popular today. You will find all types of fruity e-liquids out there. While some fruit flavors tend to be more popular than others like banana, strawberry, melons, blueberry, and apple. There are some downright unique blends with intriguing flavors like dragonfruit, elderberry, passionfruit, and guava. Fruity vapes are perfect for the summer season. However, there are so many fruity e-liquids out there that you will find something to satisfy your taste buds all year round. There are dessert vapes with fruit flavors as well as crisp apple e-liquids that are perfect for the fall season.

3. Candy: If you have a sweet tooth, get ready for a treat because there is a whole world of e-liquids with candy flavor for you to explore. E-liquid companies have mastered the art of making candy vapes taste like the real thing. You will find e-juice blends that are based on some of your favorite candy treats. For example, there are e-liquids that give you the taste of Skittles candy as well as candy belts and so much more.

4. Dessert: Dessert vapes are also up there among the most popular e-juice flavors. There are numerous e-liquids based on the flavor of dessert treats. This includes ice cream, custard, cobbler, smores, pies, and much more.

Apart from the four flavor categories listed above, there are other popular e-juice flavors like breakfast and beverage blends. You will find all types of flavorings at the Flavorah online shop. This US-based company makes its flavor concentrates using top-shelf ingredients. Flavorah does not use colorings, sweetener, preservatives, or questionable ingredients like diacetyl or acetyl propionyl in its products. You can get Flavorah’s concentrates in small and big bottles as well as jugs and gallons. Visit for more information.