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How to Mix DIY E-Liquid

Finding your perfect all-day vape is not easy. You might resort to creating your own recipe. You need to secure all of the ingredients before you’re up and ready to make your own favorite DIY e-liquid. You also need the correct amount of each ingredient. You can do this in two ways, by volume, and by weight.

By Volume

Measure the volume of every ingredient. Use the large set of syringes. One syringe is ideal for one ingredient. This process can be messy unlike squeezing liquids from one bottle to another. So, the syringes should be clean. Use a selection of syringes. For base liquid, get 10 to 30mL syringes. For nicotine and flavor concentrates, have many 1mL syringes. Use needles with 14 gauge to easily deal with the thick consistency of VG.

But using syringes can be a pain for VG. The thick VG is like corn syrup and difficult to suck up in a syringe. Using a graduated cylinder or beaker with a funnel is perfectly fine. Then, don’t use syringes for menthol and koolada. These flavoring compounds leave a residue on the dropper bottle or pipettes or syringes. Use disposable pipettes.

There is also another way to be clean. Use drops from the disposable pipettes of a dropper bottle. But it cannot scale up or carry other ingredients. A drop is not accurate since it cannot provide a real measurement for nicotine percentage.

Mixing by volume is easier when dealing with small batches. If you mix 10mL, you need a few extra drops to increase 0.1mL of flavor concentrate to reach 0.12mL. The taste will be different especially if a 10mL syringe is used rather than a 1mL syringe with 0.01mL markings. A small fraction of a percent in milliliters is not that obvious even if larger syringes are used to make e-liquids in larger bottles. There may be like 0.01% extra flavoring to it.

By Weight

Introduce every ingredient to the formula. Weigh it first. Take into consideration the specific gravity. Place all ingredients in the correct order – bases, nicotine, and flavor concentrate. Line these ingredients in the same order to get the e-liquid calculator results.

Use a vape juice calculator for the VG, PG, nicotine, and flavorings. Each ingredient has a different weight for each milliliter. This makes it easier to calculate the values and get the exact results. This is recommended. You can measure smaller quantities of e-liquid. An example is in batches under 100mL. Mixing by weight is cleaner and more precise than mixing by volume.

Use an electronic scale that can measure up to 0.01grams. This is precise when dealing with almost all DIY e-liquid recipes. This scale can at least weigh up to 200grams. This is convenient for larger quantities or when using glass bottles. This provides an extra headspace unless 100grams is enough.

Using mixing scales is a good idea to make bigger batches. Sometimes, small syringes don’t work. Another advantage in scales is to prevent contaminating one e-liquid to another. This is the cleanest way to easily measure e-liquids.

Some scales available in the market have a “tare” button. You turn on the scale. Put the bottle or cup or any container you are using to mix the ingredients into on the scale. All you have to do is to press that tare button to activate it. The scale will do its job of weighing the ingredients. It is expected to leave the weight of the container alone.

Secure one syringe for nicotine. This provides more precise results and prevents spills. Glass bottles are not only convenient for steeping but also for stylish feel when customizing your labels on your DIY e-liquids. Also, bottling is easy-peasy with a funnel.

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