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Wotofo Freakshow RDA Review

The Wotofo Freakshow is one of the most stylish RDAs on the market today. This atomizer stands out for many reasons, including its unique, eye-grabbing design, versatile build deck, and ease of use. You will get an amazingly rich flavor and thick clouds of vapor when using the Freakshow RDA.

The Wotofo Freakshow RDA is made of 304 stainless steel and has a diameter of 22mm. You can fit it on just about any modern mod without any issues. There is an image of a skeleton engraved on the RDA tube, which is quite cool. Each Wotofo Freakshow RDA comes with a serial number. The build quality of the Freakshow RDA is quite impressive. This is a top-quality vaping device.

The Wotofo Freakshow RDA is composed of three parts: the top cap, the tube, and the bottom section. The tank can fit any standard 510 drip tip. It doesn’t come with a drip tip, so you can use anyone you have. The upper section of the Freakshow RDA is lined with Delrin to prevent your top cap from overheating when you are vaping. You can take off the top cap to reveal the coil when you want to drip. Avoid putting too much e-juice on the coils to avoid leaking through the airflow holes.

There are three airflow holes on the base section of the Wotofo Freakshow RDA. You can adjust the airflow of the RDA by turning the main tube. You can actually block out one or two of the airflow holes, so you get to enjoy a more restricted hit.

The Wotofo Freakshow RDA has a three-post build deck. It comes with hex screws. You can choose to make a single or dual coil build on the deck. The deck is easy to work with, and the juice well is pretty deep. The airflow holes are located right under the build deck of the Freakshow RDA. You can build your coils in such a way that the coil sits rights above the airflow holes on both sides of the deck. This will heighten the intensity of the flavor that you again. Again, if you do this, avoid pouring too much e-liquid on your coils and wick, so it doesn’t flood the airflow holes.

At the bottom of the Wotofo Freakshow RDA is an adjustable silver-plated pin for connecting it with your mod. You can probably use this RDA with a mech mod. The Freakshow RDA comes with extra hex screws, extra O-rings, and an Allen key.

If you are new to RDAs, the Freakshow is a great choice due to its simple design. You can get the Wotofo Freakshow RDA at the Wotofo online store for just $9.99. There is a discount of $2 on this device. You can also get other vaping supplies at this store, including the best cotton for vaping.