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Herbal Fracture CBD Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream Review

Aloe vera is one of the holy grails of skin care. In fact, the usual skin care routine of people with acne usually include aloe vera-based products. According to studies, aloe vera is indeed packed with a plethora of benefits, including healing, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, the compound is gaining increasing popularity even in the beauty industry. That being said, have you ever wondered how powerful a product would be if these two plant-based ingredients are combined?

I always have that same question in mind especially when I prepare my face in the morning and clean it up at night. I do not really get a lot of acne, but they do pop out from time to time especially during my menstruation. They can really be annoying especially if they grow in places that are inconvenient.

Although I can deal with a small pimple outbreak, it is a problem for some people. Acnes are no joke and can have a terrible effect on other people’s self-esteem. With that in mind, it is best to find effective products that will treat them.

Aloe vera contains lupeol, salicylic acid, urea, cinnamomic acid, phenols, and sulfur. These agents all play a role to kill acne-causing bacteria without harming the body. It also contains a chemical called glucomannan and a growth hormone called gibberellin. Together, they stimulate collagen production and improve healing.    

As mentioned earlier, CBD is starting to gain recognition as a treatment for acne. Just like aloe vera, it is also packed with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and immunoregulatory effects.

Clinically speaking, there are only anecdotal pieces of evidence on the effectiveness of combining these two ingredients against acne. But many people have vouched for their effectiveness. In fact, some would call it a powerhouse treatment against acne.

Now, there are not a lot of brands selling this kind of product. But I was happy when I saw one at my favorite CBD brand, Herbal Fracture. What I love about this brand is that it always exceed your expectations. For instance, its Aloe Vera Crème is rich with CBD complex and is mixed with a special blend of 11 essential oils.

Each 50 mL jar contains aloe vera gel, coconut oil, mango butter, shea butter, beeswax, jojoba butter, full spectrum CO2 CBD extract, peppermint oil, grapefruit oil, bergamot oil, rose hip oil, clove leaf oil, black pepper oil, roman chamomile oil, arnica oil, Manuka oil, capsicum, emu oil, vitamin E oil, pomegranate, and medium-chain triglyceride.

For review’s sake, I tried using this product for 2 weeks. Since I have oily skin, I also asked a friend of mine with dry, sensitive skin to test it with me. Based on experience, we think that this topical CBD from Herbal Fracture worked miracles on our skin. My friend noted how this cream kept her skin feeling hydrated or moisturized. Her usual dry skin problem was resolved within 2 weeks of use. We both have added this to our routine since.

There are other ways you can use this cream. Aside from preventing skin damage, it can serve as your daily dose of CBD on sore joints. Aside from acne, CBD is best known for relieving pain. In fact, Herbal Fracture sells CBD-infused massage oil, which I can highly recommend as well. But you can still use the cream if you do not want to spend much. Anyways, both are capable of relieving body aches.

I definitely recommend Herbal Fracture’s Aloe Vera Cream. I swear that this will help you achieve or maintain a young-looking skin.

The cream is up for grabs at HerbalFracture website. The 50mL jar will only cost you $35.99. It is pretty affordable compared with other skin care brands out there. Besides, you will only need a pea amount each time you use it so this jar will definitely last long.

Affordable price, sleek presentation, and made from high-quality ingredients — I guess these are enough reasons why you should give this product a try. Trust me, I have tried a lot of skincare rituals, even the famous 10-step Korean skincare routine.