E-liquid Review

Hop Scotch E-Juice by Humble Juice Co. Review

Hop Scotch is one of the 10 delicious e-juice flavors in the original Humble Juice Co. line. This e-liquid was created for vapers with sweet tooth cravings. It contains toffee, vanilla, and butterscotch custard flavor.

I couldn’t be any happier that I found this e-juice. This is a must-try for everyone who has a thing for sweet vapes. Although Hop Scotch is sweet, it is an all day vape. It will not give you vaper’s tongue or mess up your taste buds.

The rich flavor of this Humble Juice e-liquid is well-balanced. When vaping this e-juice, you can pick out the toffee, vanilla, and butterscotch custard flavor.

The butterscotch custard flavor really stands out in Hop Scotch. If you love butterscotch, then this e-liquid was made for you.

Honestly, I spent the last two months searching for a vape juice that is right for me before I came across Hop Scotch. The flavor is on-point. Honestly, this e-liquid blew me away! I will surely be vaping it for a while.

Hop Scotch comes pre-steeped from the factory. But that does not mean you cannot steep it again. If you are not satisfied with the taste of this e-juice, give it a few days or weeks to steep. If you are a budding mixologist, you can try mixing Hop Scotch with coffee flavor.

What I really love about this vape juice is that it is not too sweet. This dessert vape offers a succulent butterscotch flavor. It tastes like a butterscotch syrup on an ice cream sundae.

When vaping this e-juice, you can taste the rich toffee and smooth vanilla flavor on the inhale. On the exhale, the creamy butterscotch caramel custard flavor come into play.

Hop Scotch is a blend of 80 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 20 percent propylene glycol (PG). This means this dessert e-juice is packed with an amazing flavor.

The throat hit is really smooth. I did not experience any throat irritation even when vaping at a high wattage/

Hop Scotch comes with three nicotine strength options. You can get this e-juice with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. The nicotine level that you choose will determine the intensity of the throat hit you will get. I chose the version with 3mg of nicotine and I got a smooth throat hit.

Hop Scotch has the same packaging design that is used for other e-liquids in the original Humble Juice Co. series. The vape juice comes in a dark chubby unicorn gorilla bottle which comes in a cardboard box. The Humble Juice logo is printed on the bottle along with the flavor name, VG/PG ratio, the nicotine strength level, and other information.

You may use a sub ohm tank or an RDA to vape Hop Scotch. I am a flavor chaser so I prefer vaping it with a dripper.

You can get a 120ml bottle of Hop Scotch for only $24.99 at https://humblejuiceco.com. Humble Juice has some amazing promotional offers like its exclusive BOGO (buy one get one) deal.

This company provides excellent customer service and fast shipping of orders.