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E-Liquid Flavors That Make Awesome Combos

Making e-liquids is quite simple. First, you need to know about the ingredients that come together to create an e-liquid; vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), nicotine, and flavorings. But, the question is, would it?

Flavoring is one of the most important ingredients in e-liquid. This is what gives your e-juice character. Some flavors go well together and makeĀ good e-juice mixes while other flavors do not. E-Juice manufacturers have expert mixologists who try different flavor combinations to determine the perfect blend.

Have you ever tasted an e-juice that you found to be simply delicious? It all comes down to the different layers of flavors in the mix. The best way to learn how to make great e-juice combos is to start with the pairing different e-liquids. Once you can pair two e-liquids together to create unique flavors, you can move a step further and create your e-liquid from scratch.

The following are some of the most common categories of e-juice flavors.


A lot of e-juice blends are made with fruits. Fruits flavors can be combined easily. You only have to use the correct percentages. Each fruit has a maximum percentage allowed in a blend. For instance, the maximum percentage allowed for strawberry e-liquid combinations is 6-7%, and the max for kiwi is 4-5%.


Cream e-liquids are also quite popular. Cream can be used as an ingredient in different types of e-liquids such as vanilla bean ice cream, vanilla custard or sweet cream, and even fruity blends. For instance, you can pair 6% of strawberry with 8% of vanilla bean ice cream to create a strawberry cream e-juice.

You’ll find the suggested max percentage for different flavors at vaping blogs and online forums. For example;

  • Cream yogurt 6%
  • Sweet strawberry 4%
  • Vanilla bean ice cream 7%
  • Blueberry 3%

Flavoring combinations

If you are planning to create your e-liquid, you need to understand why particular flavors go well together. To do this, you must distinguish between taste and flavor. Taste refers to the sensation of the tongue; sweet, salty, bitter, sour, umami, and fat. On the other hand, flavor is related to smell and comes from the aromatic compound in e-liquids. Foods that have the same aromatic compound tend to complement each other well.

To pair different flavors, start with a single ingredient. For example carrots. The characteristics of carrot is that it has an earthy, citrusy, and spicy flavor. Ask yourself how you can season the carrots to enhance the flavor. Maybe you want to add something citrusy (coriander seed), or more spice (cumin) to enhance the natural flavor of your carrot e-juice. You can choose to complement the blend with other ingredients like cream.

Creating great e-juice blends is a trial and error exercise. Even if you know the perfect flavors to mix, you might occasionally end up making your e-juice too salty, too sweet, or too sour. When you get the magic combination, keep note of each step in the process so that you can repeat it easily.

Making your e-juice will allow you to enjoy unique flavors that are probably not on the market. Who knows, you might end up creating the next bestselling e-liquid brand.

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