E-liquid Review

Capella Vape Juice Concentrates Review

Some vapers love to experiment and prefer DIY e-liquid. In cases like these, choosing the right flavor concentrate is very important. Concentrates should be of premium quality, smooth, clean, and satisfying.

I recently came across these flavor concentrate products from The Sauce LA. After some research, I found that Capella flavors are one of the industry’s standards. There is a diverse selection of e-juice flavors which are all derived from natural ingredients.

Many people opt for DIY vaping to save money. Crafting your e-juice allows you to save some money. It is also a great avenue for vapers to show off their creativity.

How to Use Capella Flavor Drops

  1. Prepare all your ingredients. This includes vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, diluted nicotine, some syringes, measuring devices, storage bottles, and your chosen Capella flavor drops.
  2. Create your base. Mix the vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol based on your personal preference. For cloud chasers, a higher vegetable glycerin ratio is recommended. If you want an intense throat hit, be generous with your propylene glycol.
  3. Add your diluted nicotine. Be gentle in this process and use gloves and goggles for protection. Dedicate one syringe to the nicotine. The nicotine level is also up to you. There are guides online to help you determine what nicotine level will suit your needs.
  4. Create your flavor. Simply add a one drop of Capella Flavor Drops at a time. This is your time to shine and be creative with the flavor blends. Vape juices typically contain 10% flavor extract, but you are free to play around with the percentage depending on your preference.
  5. Congratulations, you’re done!

Capella Flavor Concentrates

As I said, you got a wide range of flavor concentrates to choose from. Due to its very affordable price, I hoarded a couple and here are my favorites.

  1. Banana Split

You don’t get to see a banana split vape juice often. And if there are, most don’t meet the standard. Banana Split Capella Flavor is for vapers who love desserts. You can taste and smell the banana flavor on top of a three ice cream flavors.

This flavor concentrate has a recommended mixing quantity of 12%. If you are not satisfied yet, this pairs nicely with cake butter, caramel, or buttercream.

  1. Cinnamon Danish Swirl

Yup, another dessert flavor on the list. This concentrate offers a splendid blend of sweet cream frosting that is not too sweet or too bland. I love how well-balanced this flavor is. Its recommended mixing quantity is 10%, and it goes well with New York Cheesecake or Graham Cracker flavor.

  1. Coconut

You are most likely raising one of your brows while reading this. Seriously, this concentrate will give any vape juice a tropical taste that is perfect this summer. With a recommended mixing quantity of just 3%, Coconut vape juice concentrate sits well with fruit flavors like Banana, Caramel, and Golden Pineapple.

  1. Cup of Joe

The best way to jumpstart your day is to fuel your system with coffee. Good thing Cup of Joe is as tasty as a real coffee. Your mornings will be better with this deep and rich coffee flavor. The recommended mixing quantity of this flavor concentrate is 10%. You can complete your breakfast meal by adding Glazed Doughnut, Gingerbread or Sweet Cream to the blend.

  1. Double Chocolate V2

A piece of chocolate is never enough, so go for two! Vaping an e-juice is the best way to spoil yourself with sweets without feeling guilty. This flavor concentrate is true to its name. You can taste the chocolates.

This e-liquid will taste better when mixed with bakery or other dessert flavors. Extra drops of Glazed Doughnut or French Vanilla V2, maybe? But I loved mine with Hot Cocoa. The recommended mixing is 8%.

There is still a wide selection of delicious and unique flavor concentrates at The Sauce LA. The vape juice concentrate comes in two bottle sizes: 13mL and 118mL bottles for as low as $2.99 and $19.95 respectively.