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Loco Loops E-Liquid by Two Gunz Review

Loco Loops by Two Gunz is a delicious cereal e-liquid. This e-liquid has the flavor of a bowl of fruity cereal and milk. There are many cereal e-juice blends on the market, but Loco Loops is one of the best. This e-liquid has an authentic fruity cereal flavor that doesn’t get old. Vaping this Two Gunz e-liquid will remind you of the last time you had fruity cereals for breakfast. Loco Loops has a spot-on flavor that sets it apart from other cereal e-liquids on the market. The rich taste of this e-juice stays the same even when you are vaping at a high wattage. Loco Loops is certainly an all day vape. The taste of this e-liquid fills the mouth. You will not get tired of how it tastes. Also, the flavor is not too intense. If you are a fan of cereals, then try Loco Loops. I guarantee that you would not be disappointed.

Loco Loops by Two Gunz is a perfect fruity cereal e-juice. You can taste the crunchy fruity cereal flavor when vaping this e-liquid. The flavor of this vape juice stays consistent on the inhale and exhale. When vaping Loco Loops, the fruity cereal flavor fills the mouth on the inhale. The taste is spot-on. On the exhale, you get the same fruity cereal flavor with hints of milk.

Loco Loops by Two Gunz has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 60/40. This e-liquid is quite thick, but you will have no problems vaping it with a sub ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). Loco Loops is perfect e-liquid for cloud chasers. You will get enormous clouds of vapor from every puff. Loco Loops produces thick clouds of vapor that are perfect for performing cloud tricks.

Loco Loops by Two Gunz comes with different nicotine concentration levels. You can get Loco Loops with either 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg or 18mg of nicotine. The wide range of nicotine levels means there is a version of this e-liquid for every vaper. Regardless of the nicotine strength level that you choose, Loco Loops will give you a smooth throat hit. You can vape the version of Loco Loops with 0mg of nicotine if you do not want to consume any nicotine. The version of this e-liquid with 12mg and 18mg of nicotine are ideal for those who want an intense throat hit. You will not experience any throat irritation or fits of coughing when vaping this e-juice.

Loco Loops by Two Gunz has a classic and eye-grabbing packaging design. The e-liquid comes in a clear glass bottle with a black dropper cap. There is a label on the bottle which looks like aged paper. The Two Guns logo is printed on the bottle along with other information about the product like the VG/PG ratio and nicotine level of the vape juice. You will have no issues refilling your tank or RDA using the dropper cap. Also, Loco Loops is easy on coils.

If you buy a bottle of Loco Loops by Two Gunz and it tastes a bit off, do not hesitate to steep the e-liquid for some time. Steeping ensures that all the different flavorings in this e-juice blend properly. You will notice that this e-juice will develop a brownish tinge after it has been left to steep.

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